Pelanggan Pelayan

Pelanggan pelayan ni bukan pelanggan yang datang ke kedai makan, pelayan melayan...konsepnya sama cuma kegunaanya lain...Pengkomputeran Pelanggan Pelayan(Client Server) subjek yang syu exam hari ni kita belajar serba sedikit tentang client kira study sambil berblogging la ni...sambil menyelam minum air...nak tau lebih lanjut tentang peer to peer, client server, NOS, Topology--> Laman Sumber ICT


Client Server- client request data to server, server will response to client request.

Characteristics CS
1) shared resource - server service many clients and regulate acess to shared resources.
2) asymmetric protocol - many to 1 relationship
3) mix and match - ideal C/S software independent of hardware/os
4) scalability - C/S system can be scaled

Component CS
1) Client
2) Server
3) Middleware

Categories CS
1) Tiny shops and nomadic users
- easiest client server
- runs client/ server/ middleware on same machine
- for one person shop/ laptop users
- can communicate with outside world

2) Small shops and departments
- suited for LAN technology
- consists multiple client access local server
- security implemented
- easy identified failures and to monitor and manage network

3) Intergalactic enterprice
- multiple server line on the internet, intranets and corporate backbone network
- can partition servers based on
--> funtion
--> resource
--> database
- can be as many server combinations
- properly combined can increase amount of computing power and flexibility of system

4) Post scarcity world
- every machine a full function server : run file server, db server, workflow agent etc
- all machine may run almost all forms of C/S software

Categories of Server
1) File Server
- client(PC) passes request for file record over a network to the file server
- useful for sharing file across the network

2) Database Server
- client passes SQL request as message to database server over a network
- results return over network

3) Groupware Server
- place people in direct contact with other people
- manage the semi-structured information sch as image, mail, bulletin boards and the flow of work
- usually application are created using scripting language and form based interfaces
- nowadays, groupware product use email(internet) as standard middleware

4) Web Application Server
- web server returns documents when client ask for them by name
- client and server communicate using an RPC - like protocol called HTTP

5) Transaction Server
- client invoke remote procedure (service) that reside on the server with an SQL database engine
- can create the client/server application by writing the code for both client and server component
- client component have GUI
- server component consists of SQL transactions
- these application si called OLTP

6) Objek Application Server
- client/server application is written as a set of communicating objects
- client objects communicate with server object using ORB
- server objects must provide support for concurrency and sharing

Fat Server OR Fat Client

Fat Server - more function on the server
- easier to manage and deploy on the network
- client in fat server provides the GUI and interacts with the server through RPC
- eg: groupware, transaction, web server distributed objects

Fat Client - more function on the client
- traditional form of CS
- clients know how the data is organized and store in server side
- used for decision support and personal software
- eg: database, file server and distributed objects

habis dah study bab 1 client server atau pengkomputeran pelanggan pelayan...terima kasih kepada sesiapa yang study bersama-sama syu...faham ke tak??? buat-buat faham la ye....

p/s: kepada SMSKPP6 ALL THE BEST for paper esok...make sure database anda tak corrupt ye!!

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